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School Visit

You are most welcome to visit the school for an informal discussion, with or without your child. This can be done by fixing a prior appointment with the Principal.

Admissions during the year

Parents may register at any time during the year for admission in the current year and will be interviewed whenever there is a vacancy.

Inter-Branch Transfers

Students may avail transfer from one branch of DIS to another. Transfer will be accepted, subject to availability of seat(s) and the discretion of the Management.


A formal interview will be conducted by the Principal to know the child's educational development, use of language, social skills, academic enthusiasm and extra-curricular interests. The aim of the interview is to find about what the student knows, understands and enjoys.


On being offered a seat, parents will be given two weeks of time to pay the prescribed fee to secure the same. Parents further need to fill and submit few forms and declarations that would be given along with admissions acceptance letter. Before allowing the student to take up his/her place, a transfer certificate should be lodged with the admissions office from the previous school of the student.