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CURRICULUM RELEVANT TO TODAY’S WORLD We are dealing with a digital generation, affectionately called the millennials. Their world is evolving to stay more connected and open day by day. Communication plays an important role in this ultra-modern world.Our curriculum enables

  • Research-based learning
  • Hands on learning experiences
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Freedom for Expression & Creativity
  • Customized learning opportunities

In the Pre-primary classes, teachers lay a lot of emphasis on the Play-way method. Games are a natural means of teaching little ones and an integral part of every classroom. Teachers use flash cards and digital media content to reinforce learning. Songs and rhymes are used to develop vocabulary.

At the Primary level, learning is experiential, fun & activity based. The curriculum is based on the NCERT guidelines and focuses on laying the foundations of knowledge, skills and attitudes which will guide the young learners for life. The focus is on conceptual clarity by relating learning to everyday life, developing thinking and analytical skills.

The learning areas at the Secondary level include:

  • Languages (English, Hindi / Regional language and/or Sanskrit)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Life skills & Value Education

Children also get opportunities to participate in various inter-school competitions, school assemblies, annual days, events &celebrations and social awareness campaigns. Our well planned and organized field trips spark excitement among students, enriching and expanding the curriculum and strengthening observation skills.