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8 States
83 Schools
Toll Free: 1800 891 1256
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Dream India Schools

Dream India Schools is one of the largest educational chains established on 23rd November, 2013, by GEMS Education, a renowned global leader, having presence in 13 countries.

Dream India Schools is a rising chain, with a network of more than 30000 students and about 2000 teachers, all with a bent for achieving a better tomorrow. Every student at Dream India Schools is nurtured to be a well-spoken and responsible citizen and is encouraged to dream ahead. DIS transforms students' dreams to reality through effectively designed curriculum, relevant to today’s world.

Dream India is a dream to see an Educated and Empowered India! Today, DIS stands tall with 83 schools, spread across 8 states in India, evolving into a better and larger group.

Join us in making this dream a reality!

Our Success

Why Choose DIS?

The main premise of starting the school is to ensure a more ethical and responsible future generation. Hence a lot of emphasis is laid on academics, value education and discipline.

Student Centric Approach
Qualified Staff
Dream India Schools


Our Mentors

Dr. Farooq Wasil

Global Head, Affordable Schools, GEMS Education

Brian Fernandes

Director, Finance,
GEMS Education