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A Dream is the unprecedented architect of life. With this in perspective, Dream India School focuses on student centric learning approach for holistic growth in nurturing every student who can have insight, critical thinking and responsive attitude to the things around, in a decisive and logical manner.

Pre-primary: Having adopted a curriculum that is child-centric, all care is taken to arouse the child’s curiosity and combine learning with fun. Children are allowed to learn at their own pace in a distinct and cooperative environment. Exposure is given to Art and Aesthetics along with Communication and Physical well-being, to enhance development and learning. All aspects of childhood personality are crafted in a balanced way, where the creativity of the child is unleashed, where pre-primary academic excellence is achieved along with life skills and honing other requisite behavioral traits.

Primary: The focus in the primary classes is not on text books but on skills, creativity and attitude, which are challenged and enhanced from time to time. An enquiry based approach is adopted, facilitating hands on learning experiences through individual and group work. Our Primary education instills fortitude for being the best and the required skills to lead in future.

Secondary: A reflective approach incorporating the best practices, with the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) is embraced. Project-based learning, with a focus on skill development, enables students to acquire practical knowledge. Development of constitutional values and ideas of personal freedom and responsibility empowers students to choose their own path to pursue what they are passionate about.