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Discipline Policy:

  • Students will move in two lines, with their hands at the back while going for the assembly and during the time of dispersal, along with their class teachers.
  • Wishing teachers and visitors in class must be done together and in proper manner.
  • Maintain silence in the library.
  • No mobile should be brought to school.
  • Nails must be cut regularly and kept clean.
  • Shoes must be polished daily.
  • Cleanliness in the classroom should be maintained.
  • Use of abusive language, quarrelsome behavior, shouting and whistling is not allowed.
  • Running in the corridors is not permitted
  • During change of period monitors should maintain discipline in class.
  • Be proactive in promoting and working towards making school a positive, supportive, safe and welcoming place for all students and teachers.
  • Be respectful and courteous to fellow-students’ parents, guardians and teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Follow school rules and contribute to a positive school climate by behaving appropriately even when not specifically asked to do so.
  • Make every reasonable effort to participate actively in the activities of the school.
  • Recognize how their conduct affects other students and school as a whole and make every effort to restore relationship affected by their conduct.

Norms followed for fees:

The school fee is fixed after considering several factors, such as the normal capacity of parents to pay, the guidelines provided by the CBSE and State government, the average pay scales offered in private schools, the need to balance income and expense of the school on an annual basis, the need for a reserve fund, the school’s contingency fund, and other similar issues. The latest infrastructure provided at the school also matters much in deciding the quantum of fees.


  • Correct date of birth with proof thereof such as birth certificate and original transfer certificate is to be given at the time of admission. Date of birth and name once registered in the school records cannot be altered or changed. Unless an affidavit from the court is given
  • Children above two years and six months shall be admitted to Nursery and above three years and six months shall be admitted to LKG class and four years six months shall be admitted to UKG.
  • Admission is accorded only after entrance test, viva voce and appraisal by the school committee. Once the child is selected then he/she will be admitted into the school. The admission shall be final only on payment of various required fees and required enclosures. Once the fees are paid it shall not be refundable in any circumstances. If there is delay in payment of the prescribed fee the admission shall stand cancelled unless permitted in writing by the principal.
  • Admission form issued do not guarantee the admission in the school.
  • FEES: Fees shall be payable on their due dates. Due date for payment of all fee should not be ignored. In case fees is not paid on due date the name of the ward will be struck off the rolls. Parents will have to seek re-admission with fine
  • There will be increase in the fee structure every year.
  • Conduct and Character Certificate from School last attended has to be submitted.
  • Those who wish to withdraw their child from the school, must inform the management at least 6 months in advance or they shall be liable to pay the term fees. All the amounts paid at the time of admission shall not be refundable.
  • SCHOOL SEMESTERS: (Terms): School year consists of two terms, 1st term July to October & 2nd term November to March. There are two term examination every year and Periodic tests every month.
  • Parents Teacher meeting is held every month after periodic test, guardians needs to attend PTM compulsorily.
  • The management makes rules and regulations of the school from time to time as and when required and the parents shall abide by it.
  • On leaving the school, students must return library books and any other items they might have borrowed during their stay in the school.
  • Transportation: Bus fee will be collected monthly. There will be no refund of transport fees in case of discontinuation of bus services bya student in the middle of a term. Once the transport facility is availed, the student should continue for the whole year. Discontinuing transportation in between, fee will be charged for the full year. Damage to the bus property by the students, will be borne by the parents. The school authority has no direct connection with transportation committee. Details of the committee will be provided by the school and parents are asked to communicate on their own
  • Management has a right to cancel the admission on the following grounds:
    1. Non-payment of fees by due date.
    2. Man-handling and rude behaviour of the parents with the management and staff
    3. Defaming management and the school through media / court.
    4. Long absenteeism without any information.
    5. If the ward manhandles, injures or misbehaves with the peer group then the admission would be cancelled. The injured students hospital bill will be borne by the parents of the boy/girl who has inflicted injuries.